Friday, March 12, 2010

Disney Parks Fanatics March Madness

Want to share in March Madness with other Disney Parks fans? Now you can in the Disney Parks Fanatics group we created on just for the tourney.

Group Information
It’s free to play, and if you have a Disney Web ID, then you don’t need to re-register on ESPN.

Group Name:
Disney Parks Fanatics


To get in the game, simply complete your ESPN bracket by the first tip of the tournament. Keep the following in mind:
  • You can register at any time between now and the first tip of the tournament.
  • You can start making your selections on Sunday night, March 14.
  • The tourney starts on Thurs., March 18.
Points and Prizes
Points are awarded for each correct pick, with point values increasing as the tournaments progress. The prize? Primarily bragging rights, but I'll personally gift the winner his or her choice of an Audio Guide to Walt Disney World. If anyone else would like to contribute something to the winner, drop me a line!

Identify yourself!
Try to have your ESPN entry ID match your Twitter handle so we know who you are. Otherwise, post a comment below and let us know that you signed up, your name on the ESPN site, and your Twitter handle.

Then, Tweet it out so others know you're in on the action and that they're welcome to join in too!

And, oh yeah, GO MARQUETTE!


  1. Ok. My entry name doesn't match my Twitter name - but only because I already had an ESPN account from last year.

    So, my entry is under MrsKDog2002 (T.Curth), but the twitter handle is @TraciLeigh

  2. Entry created: "Mark's Poor Picks". It should live up to the hype.

    Twitter handle is @markjohns1

  3. I am in!!!

    Entry is "jagthompson 1" J. Thompson

    Twitter handle is @jathompson

  4. my twitter name is amydowdle and my espn name is amywarren. good luck to all, and go deacs!

  5. Alex Cenac
    Entry - ajcenac1
    Twitter - @ajcenac

    Thanks for setting this up!

  6. ESPN Group Name- 04CP_Nolan
    Twitter Username- NWinTN

  7. I think my original comment got lost in we'll try this again

    espn: mmounsey_15
    twitter: randomtink

  8. HOOOOLLLLYYY COWWWW!!!! I think I just won the bracket challenge. WooooHOOOO!!!! I have never won a bracket challenge, this is AAAAWWWWEEEESOMEE!!!!

    username: makpicou, chattwdw
    twitter name: chattwdw
    BOGP name: chattwdw

  9. Hello Joel,

    I am Michael aka chattwdw, and I am not sure how to contact you, but my email address is hope to email with you soon. Thanks for doing the brackets.