Thursday, November 12, 2009

Listening While You Work

Let’s continue with the theme of building excitement for upcoming trips to Walt Disney World and ways to stay connected to the magic at home.

It’s easy to do with theme park audio. At the parks, you’re surrounded with carefully planned audio. It’s part of telling the story, and it spans from music played on Mainstreet, at the foothills of Everest and in queues like Soarin’ to the leading lady in parades and fireworks.

Can you imagine a soundless Spectromagic or Wishes or Fantasmic without orchestration and character vocalization? Didn’t think so.

We could go on and on about how audio is one of the most essential parts of accentuating the Walt Disney World experience. The heart of the matter is this: it’s a lot easier to keep the magic alive by listening - not whistling - while you work, whether it be at home or in an office.

Streaming Audio – at Work & at Home

I toggle between 18 different Walt Disney World theme park audio feeds during the daytime.

At home, I stream theme park audio almost exclusively from the Disney Tunes Radio Network (for whatever reason, this one doesn't work at work.) The quality of its streaming audio is amazing: 128 kbps.

Visit to get started.

The Disney Tunes Radio Network (DTunes) has six – yes six! – streams to choose from (the last four listed are my favorites.)

1. Mickey: entire collection of Disney music and takes requests.
2. Minnie: movie soundtracks.
3. Donald: music from the theme parks and hotels.
4. Daisy: background area music from the parks and hotels.
5. Goofy: parade and firework music.
6. Pluto: attraction audio.

Listening from an iPhone / iPod Touch
DTunes and MouseWorld Radio have free apps in the app store. FStream is another good free app that lets you browse available streams and key in your own favorite stations. In addition to the app, FStream also has a good desktop client for Macs.

You can listen to any stream on DTunes by navigating to the page via Safari on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Just click the iTunes icon on a stream’s page and it will play the stream in a QuickTime window. Better yet, you can then minimize the Safari window and open another app and the music won’t stop playing!

Listening from a PC
I like the Webradio widget, available via Yahoo Widgets. Here are the URLs of my favorite Disney theme park audio stations to plug into it. (Note: the DTunes streams aren’t listed below since I can’t listen and damage check it at work.)


  1. How cool! I'll have my husband look up the iphone apps! :)

  2. Still love this post, Joel. - Jonas