Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Dream is a Wish with Antibodies

I've been on cloud nine since I found out I made the 2010 Walt Disney World Moms Panel. Life was unbelievingly good before it happened, and now, I seem to have reached an even greater level of insurmountable happiness on a daily basis, from sunup to sundown (although I've been having trouble with that whole "sleeping" thing as the excitement doesn't exactly subside at night!)

Here's the thing: the rest of my family has been battling colds for going on two weeks now, and I haven't had so much as a sniffle. Don't get me wrong - they're not trying to make me sick! Quite the opposite. My wife and two guys have been incredibly supportive, and it's been a blast sharing the happiness of making the Moms Panel with them.

It does still leave me with the question of why they've had colds and I have not. Granted, their exposure to other kids is greater than mine, but it does still leave a window open for the theoretical:

Has my extra "oomph" of happiness from the Moms Panel been a means of repelling the common cold (and Lord knows what else that's been wafting my way?!)

I Need a Reference
Science has never been a strong suit of mine. Same goes for math. Hence, some source was needed to let me know if my head - filled with pixie dust - was indeed a potent means of staying healthy.

According to WebMD, it sure is.

In the article "5 Natural Ways to Help Your Health,"enjoying life is listed as one of the five natural ways to say healthy, joining the ranks of exercise, weight, routine check-ups and not smoking.

Rather than paraphrase, here's the meat of the happiness section:

Enjoying life and maintaining a circle of supportive friends is a big part of good health. Indeed, having friendships may be second only to not smoking for preventing heart attacks. People with extensive social networks, according to research at the Uniformed Services University, are less likely to have calcification in their arteries, a sign of heart disease risk.
One way to increase your happiness is to foster cheerful friends. “Happiness turns out to spread through social networks,” says James D. Fowler, PhD, an associate professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego. His research, which tracked the spread of happiness among friends and even friends of friends, found that a person is 15% more likely to be happy if a close contact is happy.

Not a Thesis, But a Conclusion Nonetheless
Like any good research paper, let's finish with a blatant conclusion by breaking down how my happiness from joining the Moms Panel has repelled sickness thus far:

"Enjoying life" = this one's a given.

"Circle of Supportive Friends" = holly crap! My family is endlessly supportive. Add that to all the moms and dads I have connected with on the Moms Panel, and it's been overwhelmingly amazing!! I am so incredibly humbled by their kind words and being in their company. It's such a blessing to learn more about each other in preparation for our upcoming Dec. 4 training trip.

"Extensive social network" = my Twitter followers and Facebook friends have multiplied ten fold!

"The spread of happiness" = the collective joy of my family and the Moms Panel group is unparalleled. I'm so excited to continue bonding with the group. Not only will our happiness grow as our panel becomes more interconnected with each other, but our collective talents will also allow us to help countless others grab hold of Disney magic, happiness and a vacation of a lifetime! Sounds like the perfect prescription to me!

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